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Simsam, post: 246724, member: 95773 wrote:
HI guys!

I’m a newbie here with a burning question I am hoping somebody can help me with!

I am Australian but have lived abroad for several years and I am a non-resident for tax purposes. I have a hobby business as a coach and I have clients from all over the world who find me through my website and social media channels. It is very difficult for me as a foreigner to establish my business formally here (Indonesia) so it makes sense that I register my business in Australia.

However, I am not sure about going the company route (which seems super scary!) or setting up as a sole trader (which seems more straightforward). My main concern is how my non-resident for tax status might be affected if I become a sole trader and if I can even set it up as someone who spends minimal time in Australia. I do have an address I can use for the ABN set up etc. I do deal with Australians, but not solely, however, as an online business, if I was living in Australia this would still be the case (so I can’t seehow where I am residing should matter!).

I am so confused about this as I want to move from a hobby to a real business, doing book keeping and paying taxes etc but am finding it difficult to get concrete information about the best way to go about this as an Australian expat running an online business.

Thanks in advance!
Hi And Welcome to the Forums Simsam. It is great to have you!

Thank you for joining Flying Solo and posting today.

Hopefully some helpful members will be along soon with some on-point advice.