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Bahar, post: 246852, member: 96164 wrote:
Hi please help me to decide what to do.
I am a freelance yoga teacher, had been working with a gym owner to teach 2 of his corporate clients, he had not payed 6 invoices of mine and I did not want to make a big deal out of it and I kept doing my commitment until the last school term finished, since then I have been contacting him regarding my money which is around $2000, he doesn’t pick up the phone or replying my emails, when I went over to his gym he said he would pay me in a few days, he is messing with with me I guess, and I need the money to pay my bills, last night I texted him giving him another few days and saying I ‘d be forced to seek legal advice to recover what I am owed. Please tell what to do to get my money from him in the shortest time.
Don’t text him and give him more time, text him and say you will be sending this to your debt collection agency on Monday if payment is not received by 6PM Sunday.

If still unpaid on Monday send it straight to your debt collection agency.

I can recommend Prushka, no recovery, no fee.