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LucasArthur, post: 247033, member: 34537 wrote:
Me thinks each person who has replied to this thread should potentially sit down, grab a coffee and explore the possibilities of a partnership.. I for one am ok sitting in a coffee shop, advising clients with no promises made, no guarantees of ROI, no guarantee i will actually do anything other than have a coffee and lunch all the while collecting recurring fees… Think we are all on the same track here, lets get together and explore the growth of revenue available..

Unless Berty Beetle wants it all to himself

Jason, I almost was going to contact you to offer a partnership, but then you went and broke my guarantee. You suggested sitting down with clients and providing clients with advise and coffee. Sorry golden rule of my business idea is that they get nothing in return for sending me their money, advise and coffee just broke that.

I will await Jacqui’s and Gregs proposal for partners in the business.