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Jason, I was a little worried about your role based on the fact you are in logistics, you deliver, we just Don’t want delivery. But maybe you are a good negotiator, as obviously Jacqui’s opening Gambit is way of the mark

Yes, i can negotiate for the most part although uncertain i could promise any potential client any real benefit or certainty of deliverance on anything based on the motto that should be equipped for the venture.. and re your apprehension on my role based on the fact i am in logistics, well truly what other business actually will take your goods and basically promise nothing in return better than logistics?

Even to the point that freight companies and logistics have a term known as ‘common carriers’ that literally absolves them of any wrong doing when your parcel goes astray, vanishes, heads on an extended journey whilst still keeping the funds of the client? sounds like an ideal fit?

Awaiting your proposal with interest.

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