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gingerbeardhs, post: 247109, member: 84763 wrote:
Don’t mean to burst your bubble but this market may have already been tapped:



I see, you are offering a premium service

No this guy is way of the mark 2 quotes.

”After you finish the transaction, you’ll be sent to the”Thank You” page back on this website where you can tell me who your are and post a message on the message board for everyone to see.”
”If I am not 100% satisfied with your money, I will return it – no questions asked!”
”Show off your incredible marketing savvy by advertising your own website on our message board. Wouldn’t you pay a dollar to bring new traffic to your site? – Sure you would!”
”If you send me the dollar, you won’t feel guilty when you steal all of the groovy animated gifs. (Which were designed exclusively for this site!)

That’s 4 quotes actually, I said 2, all providing you with something, I won’t thank you, I wont let you display your website, I wont give you gifs to steal. And most of all there is no way I will give you a guarantee that I will return your money if I don’t like it. My guarantee is far more sophisticated. I guarantee to give you NOTHING, repeat nothing.

Then to add insult to injury this guy is offering a whole page of rewards (gimmeabuck.com/rewards.html), nope my market is very very different,