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Paul – FS Concierge
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mickmilenko, post: 247282, member: 96441 wrote:
Hi Paul

How would I quote per job for a commercial premises (eg a gym) for example.


The way I go about it is to use experience and that tells me that bathrooms typically take 2 x as long in a gym vs an office, the soft matting (kind of with holes in it) has to be vacuumed, mopped and then touched up – it takes forever. And walls can get very bad and need constant attention in those free weight type gyms where people powder their hands before lifting. As well, how many times per week they want it done (it will take about twice as long for 1 x per week vs 5 cleans per week etc, etc. There are a lot of variables.

Without experience quoting, walk around and estimate how long each of the “sections” will take and record the minutes. When you have a rough idea, add 10% and you will have the number of minutes and then use an hourly rate.

Also keep in mind, some tasks may be every clean and others on a periodical eg, weekly, monthly, 3 monthly etc basis. Add those figures to the total too.

Our rates vary according to how hard the job is (this affects what cleaners we can use), how picky we think the customer will be (this equals admin and sometimes even stress time) and how many times per week they want the gym cleaned – this affects the time it takes and we give discounts for bigger jobs.

Asking how much the previous cleaner charged is also a great indicator of where the customer is at.

This gives you a sense of how I quote but there are a 1000 other variables too so keep that in mind and good luck.