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Paul talks a lot of sense, as I was in the Cleaning Industry for over 30 years.
To get the feel of the Industry you need to get a part time job with a Commercial Cleaner.
Then do a course through the Lennox Institute were you will pick up heeps of knowledge through their experienced trainers
Then you need to decide what part of the Cleaning Industry you want to specialise in
Domestic Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning
Restoration Cleaning
Each of these areas have a cost factor to them

Domestic Cleaning a Back Pac Vacuum cleaner Mop and Bucket is the very basic
There are courses for each these different areas, and what you charge per hour or square metre is also different for each area
Domestic Cleaning you might charge between $ 30 and $ 50 per hour.

This will give you more to think about, then once you’ve decided what area your going into and before you start your own business then you have a talk to your accountant.

30 years ago there was no training available in the Cleaning Industry, today there are and Cleaning has become a profession. 30 years ago any one could start a cleaning business without any training . Today if you did this you may not last very long in the industry as customers are looking for qualified Cleaners who understand what they are doing.