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James Millar
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bb1, post: 247095, member: 53375 wrote:
James I just wonder if the target pricing is a few hundred dollars, might it not be better to go and visit an accountant and business adviser, where they would be able to drill down to a more subtle level of an individual, rather then some computer generated program based on 40 years of data, which in the end will only be looking at the average outcome, and as we know, there are wide variances out there.

To me spend the money on good professionals, rather then some tick and flick option.

I think for the foreseeable future you are probably right. The amount of data and range of variables and nuances involved in analysing a business financial model (including tax issues) is vast. However there will be a point in the future when business AI can bring together many of these factors in a manner that is more effective and accurate than many accountants. In some ways the solution being proposed here is the beginning of that AI. It takes a range of answers and combines with pre-determined paths to produce an advisory output. It may well produce recommendations that are superior to some advisers.

The thing I know for sure is that these days people need to be very comfortable with the credibility of any solution provider AND the value to them before they open their wallet. Can a cloud platform deliver both of these things? Maybe but not easily.

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