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Muddy1, post: 247058, member: 63369 wrote:
Failing has always frightened me about starting a small business. Something I suppose everybody thinks about, regardless of the number of startups you’ve been involved with.

Somehow I thought there would be many mature aged people in the same boat. No chance of getting another full time job, but with skills and experience that could be “harnessed” to create income.

The problem being, there was no “tool” I could use to help me identify if I “had what it takes” to be successful specifically in self employment.

So I did something about it.

Along with a couple associates, we spent two years on and off researching the worldwide success factors of small business owners from the past 4 decades. From this data, we then set about creating a self-employment specific, online assessment tool to identify a person’s likelihood of success.

Taking around 45 minutes to complete, the self employment assessment evaluates skillsets and personality traits against the small business success factor research and generates a comprehensive breakdown of how each person compares.

Essentially, the self employment assessment tool gives you a “green, amber and red” light.

Of particular note, the assessment highlights where you have specific weaknesses and recommends training or upskilling needs.

More importantly, the assessment identifies those who shouldn’t go into a startup or self-employment – long before they’re in a position to risk everything.

Another benefit is it identifies if you might be suited or not suited to going into a franchise.

The assessment is not gender or age specific. It works for individuals and/or small business teams and provides founders, partners and investors with the confidence to proceed.

Having built it and tested it, my question now is what would someone pay for something like this, given what’s at stake?