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I’m really appreciating all of the feedback to my original post. Most of which we will take on board as we continue to tweak our self employment assessment tool and program.

For most people the move into self employment is relatively easy, but what if you have come from a lifetime of “institutionalised” work for one employer or in one industry? How do you approach the move to self employment, if you’ve never done it before, now you are being forced into it?

As it now stands in Australia, if you’re mature age (45+) and unemployed, it will take you 89 weeks on average to find and new full time job. Yes; that’s a fact and this figure is on the increase.

Further to this, we also have approximately 1.2 million under-employed who also have little chance at full time employment, as our economy moves closer to freelance workforces.

For many mature age people, their future of work will never be the same. But again, how do you know if you might have a chance of success with self employment.
whilst your accountant is important in the process, but only after you know about you and what you can do?

Our research has sadly revealed situations where “sharks” have moved quickly to prey on unknowing retrenched workers and effectively “skun” them of their separation packages.

The aim of the work we do is to firstly give people an understanding of their small business skillsets and personality traits, long before they are in a position to risk everything: Not 12 months after they’ve spent tens of $’000 or more, “buying” a job.

Whether we like it or not, self employment will be the future of work for many. It just makes sense we do everything we can to provide people of all ages with the best chance of creating sustainable self generated income.