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Thanks James for the feedback. In answer to the questions you raise:

1. Does your platform evaluate the persons capacity to go beyond “self employment” and participate in a “business” with more structure?

The simple answer is yes; but in the short term we are only focusing on the first step of helping people transition from waged employment to that of self generating income.

2. Is your platform also intended for younger people that are contemplating either “self employment” or a “business” ?

Previously I indicated the employment uncertainty for mature aged workers, as this demographic has seen over 750,000 retrenchments in the last three years. More than any other group, they need the most help. However, during beta testing we received the most interest in our work from the under 35’s. The self employment “tool” and pathway are not age or gender specific, and we’re looking at various ways of bringing the “product” to market to cater for varying age groups.

Whatever the case, I think there is a definitely a market in helping the mature age demographic. As you point out, its a substantial number of Australian’s and they are living longer than ever.