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Gecko82, post: 247117, member: 96799 wrote:
Hello everyone,

I’ve just signed up and looking to get some ideas or strategies to further my small business.

My business has been running a little over two years now and I’m trying to expand into other areas of cleaning. I first started my business as a residential window cleaning service but as it’s a seasonal service, I’m trying to pick up office cleaning work which would offer income all year round. I have one contract which I was lucky to get through a friend but I’m really not having much success getting any interest from other potential clients. What I am saying is don’t wait for them to come to you, get under their noses.

I have made a website which I think has all the right info, I place well in Google Ads, have a number of reviews on Google, letterbox drop and have recently had professional sign writing added to my van. I offer an all inclusive fixed rate service.

I wanted to put the question out to the Flying Solo forum community about furthering a business in commercial cleaning or how to better my chances in obtaining office cleaning work.

Here’s a link to my website. I’m open to suggestions if you think I could add or modify something, I would really appreciated any feedback.


Look forward to hearing from you!

One thing I have found commercial business’s, body corporates, etc are lazy sorry to every business person in this forum I have just offended, which is most likely everyone.
But I make that statement from a little bit of knowledge, in as far as unless their current cleaner, gardener or other general services person is really stuffing up, they don’t go looking for new contractors, you need to go to them and offer them a better value proposition. I have picked up so many jobs where they say they have being unhappy with such and such for so long, but it was better the devil they knew, then go through the hassle of looking.

I have picked up 2 new ones just this last fortnight, because the 2 in question, finally got to the point of saying enough is enough, but they should have changed 2 years ago.

Just a comment on your website, it looks great, but your main picture on the home page (the garden scene), is one that I would be happy to have on the front of my web page. But I have no idea why you have it on yours, you are not trying to sell gardening services, and that is showing a beautiful garden and not much else. Sell your product not mine, unless you want to refer them on (LOL). Oh it took me a while to work out that you were in Adelaide as well,