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Paul – FS Concierge
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Jasmine2017, post: 247140, member: 96736 wrote:
Good morning all from a newbie.

I’m looking to create a name for a new business, and I’ve noted from a domain perspective that the .com.au variation is available, while the .com variation has been ‘parked’ . That is, there’s currently no business with that same name (yet!) but they are offering to sell it (I can’t afford the $13k price tag!). My business is targeting women aged 35+ who reside in Australia (but 80% of the content will be relevant elsewhere) – are there prevailing views on the need to have both a .com and a .com.au domain? Will a .com.au domain be sufficient or should I be trying to find (and register) both? Thanks again!
A .au domain is best for appealing to the Aussie market. If you have global aspirations, some people use .co as replacement for a .com

The first step is to see if the .co is available.

Good luck.