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If its organised by courier, you maybe liable for any duty or import GST payment if the value of the goods are over AUD 1000, when that happens the courier company will send you the customs entry for duty and GST and also attracts a processing fee.

If via standard airfreight to Sydney airport, it is highly recommended that you seek a freight forwarder’s assistance, and i would recommend you ask your supplier to address the airway bill to your nominated forwarder with a house airway bill as most freight forwarders have nominated warehouses at the airport, which means the airline will transfer the goods to the nominated warehouse, it gives you an additional 48 hours for clearance and pick up from the date of arrival. If the airway bill is consigned to yourself, then you only have 24 hours to clear and pick up the cargo from airline’s warehouse, additional storage charges will incur if its not picked up in time.