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Okay so you are hitting a glass ceiling and you have a choice. Break through or step aside and stay still. The only way your business can keep growing is if you do. I’d like to ask you a question ‘What happens if either of you get sick? What happens if you both want to take a holiday or have a break? What happens when you are full and you cant physically work anymore hours? Then what? You are what I call at stage 2 of business which is the industrial age mindset (Farmer mentality) You have to work hard to make a living. We have all been influenced by that statement from our parents and teachers over the years. ‘You must work hard to make a living’ yet there are people who are making $20 an hour, $200 an hour $2000 an hour $20,000 an hour even $200,000 an hour. Yet we all have the same amount of time in the day. So why can some make more money than others? Knowledge? It has nothing to do with working harder it has to do with ‘learning and growing’. So back to your question and your 3 choices: 1. An accountant (AN accountant is not a business advisor) an accountant is qualified to do your numbers (Balance sheets, Profit and loss, BAS etc) They have not been trained in marketing, sales, systems, recruitment, leadership etc. 2. Do it yourself (well you have made it this far with what you know and now you are stuck!. Your thread tells me you both need to bite the bullet and receive help) 3. Business Advisor (thats a YES) I don’t know of any great business success story that achieved success without a coach but I know a lot who haven’t had a coach and failed! You have many coaches on this very forum to choose from.