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If I was looking for an app or web developer, the first thing I would be looking at is the quality of their website, that’s you advertisement to the world. Sorry I looked and I left, first you need to fix your spelling and grammar, get a copywriter to help you out.

Must admit I struggled to read your blogs, they seemed disjointed, in particular your startup will fail, what did it really tell me.

Don’t tell me I am lazy if I wont to use a contact form. Never tell a prospective client they are lazy.

About us. Ok it tells me nothing about you, who really cares if you can see the Sydney harbour bridge, it just means I am going to pay more for my product, tell me about you

Ok your homepage told me 7 times that you do websites and apps, do you really need to repeat it that many times, or is that some kind of SEO thing, because its not consumer friendly. If you are going to tell me something sell it to me, don’t repeat it to me.