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Hi Mussa,

Firstly congratulation for taking the step out on your own, it’s hard work with many ups and downs.

I have a B2B service based business and my first 3 month were insanely busy BUT I started my business a bit backwards, I had the clients asking for me first then I started the business. So not really comparable. But getting new clients is pretty much the same.

How did you guys start out in getting more clients?

You have been doing a large range of advertising which is good, especially the combination of digital and grassroots. I like that mixture, BUT I have to ask how many unique visitor have you had to your website after your campaign?

I have to agree with Jacqui and Bert about your website, if people from your campaign are going to your website and not following through, that is telling you statistically something is wrong.

I am not an SEO or website person, I AM your target market, but if I was using your website as my only decision making tool, I am sorry to say I would go elsewhere, it just doesn’t give me information about how you work.

Recommendations for Website:

1 – I need to know about you, why should I use you for my website. Why did you start your business etc etc.

2 – I think the whole site needs a freshen up, as a web developer it should be on trend for 2017. Some of the new trends for 2017 are very visual, but you also need to show us what you can do.

3 – Show us how you work, what is your process. For websites, do you use a CMS, do you write content or does the client provide it, for web application what language is it written in etc etc

4 – I strongly suggest you separate web site and web application information on your website. They are 2 different beasts AND most of all they are 2 different markets. Don’t loose the website market by talking about web applications. :)

I have many web applications developed over the years and they are huge, taking many years to develop, and my websites are tools to give my clients information.

General Marketing:

One of my biggest marketing tools is past and current clients, I offer referral discounts and I always ask for references. Most of my clients have come from staff moving to another company and they call me from their new job.

The other one is networking, get your name out there, talk to people at conferences and networking events etc. Show people who you are.

I think that’s enough for today, I hope this assists in some way, and please remember we are all just trying to help.

Mischelle :)