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Hi Mussa,

Please don’t take what I’m about to say in a wrong way, criticism can be great for business.

You claim to be a web developer yet your website lacks so many things, A lot of what others have noted above.

Your logo is terrible, looks like it was drawn with a crayon and just pasted.

The “About us” section isn’t great, who really cares what views you have from your office?

You have 16 errors on your website and 9 warning errors, not a coder but it seems it’s been coded wrong.

I don’t see any social media links to your business?

The “contact us” section isn’t great. Telling customers they are “lazy” if they use the form section, If I was reading that, I would click that big beautiful X on the top right corner of my browser in a heart beat.

Many other things have been listed above from our members here, but please do work on your logo and the layout of your website, seems a bit dark and gloomy.

All the best.