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Byron Trzeciak
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bb1, post: 247266, member: 53375 wrote:
Jacqui, I agree 200% (is that possible), and add to that the number of times you fill in a contact form, and never get a response to your query, how much business are people letting fly out the window.

Funny you mention this, I had a client in the heating and cooling space that spoke to me at the end of the month for an SEO campaign and said that he didn’t feel that he was getting a return for his investment.

I said “that’s strange because we’ve tracked our best month of conversions yet, do you mind if we run through it so I can get a better idea for what’s happening”.

I said “so, you had an evap cooling system for a four bedroom house on this date” and “you had 3 split systems for a 4 bed home on this date and that all came through your contact form”

“They seem like great jobs, so what happened?”

His response after some mumbling

“To be honest Byron, I don’t read any of the emails because I don’t have time. I just wait for them to call me back instead”

Not only was he not answering his emails, he was expecting the customer to jump through countless hoops to get in touch with them. I even saw a few customers contact him twice for no response, that’s some great leads that are nice enough to contact you twice.

So you’re not wrong, some businesses are letting a tonne of money fly right out the window.