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Khadija, post: 247236, member: 80016 wrote:

I am currently with Shopify and received an email stating I cannot use the Stripe payment gateway, due to me selling Vitamins that make a health claim (falls under pseudo pharmaceuticals).

I sell natural herbal supplements, oils, essential oils and natural body care.

I looked at some other payment gateways but they seem to either charge a monthly fee $25-$50+ or an annual fee of $400 plus 2.9% and .30c per transaction. As I am a startup i want to reduce fees until my sales change.

Shopify also will charge me 1% on top of that for not using Stripe.

Currently Shopify charge 1.7% + .30 per transaction, from memory.

Has anyone had this problem and found a better gateway that doesn’t charge a monthly fee?

I am currently paying $40 a month to use Shopify. Am I better off going to WooCommerce? Is there a saving to be made by switching?

Shopify has been ok besides;

1. The limits it imposes on you for changing some aspects like the design of the cart
2. Charging you more to get Australia Postage rates in check out

I have been with Shopify since August but didn’t start selling until December/January. Not happy about them not telling me about this but I guess I should have done my research.

I still have the PayPal option for now. Not sure if Paypal have a problem with natural Vitamins. Not sure if customers need an account to pay with PayPal as i get conflicting answers when I looked into it.

Is having Paypal option only a set back?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you
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Thank you for joining Flying Solo and posting today.

Hopefully some helpful members will be along soon with some on-point advice.