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Byron Trzeciak
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Hi Daniel,

First and foremost, your website is not ready for advertising. As Paul mentioned the loading time is incredibly slow and most people will not wait this long. When you’re paying for a click, that doesn’t even make it to your site, then you’re really throwing money out the window.

Facebook and Instagram are going to do nothing for you, social media will be an absolute waste of time for you. Google is where it is at for trade based business. You should be targeting terms like “bathroom renovations perth” and “plumber perth” or in the short term “Plumber Merriwa” and other surrounding suburbs which will be lower competition for you.

Whoever has built your site did a poor job of it, they’ve left “demo” theme examples in the back end which are indexed in google

At the bottom of the site in the footer there are typos like this “[email protected]” so even if people do click on your email, it’s going to be wrong.

Secondly, your website domain name is this “http://theperthbathroomco.com.au/” but for some reason the site redirects to this “http://theperthbathroomco.com.au/wp/“. This could create a number of issues for you down the track and should be sorted out now.

You’ve got basic typos on things like “G URANTEED SATISFACTION” which reduce trust and the overall professionalism of your brand.

The structure of your site , i.e not using individual service pages, means that only your home page is likely to rank well in Google.

When it comes to paid advertising or SEO relevance is the key. If someone has a leaking tap send them to your service page on leaking taps. If someone wants a bathroom renovation then send them to your page on bathroom renovations but you’ve only really got the home page you can send to at this point.

Every page must clearly state what you do and have a clear call to action.

The use of stock photos are likely tarnishing your brand too.

I would do the following with your home page.
– full width image and caption
“The Perth Bathroom Co
Specialists plumbers for high quality bathroom designs, renovations and general plumbing services”
– make that contact form bold and stand out (like the example site below)
– Show categories of services that link to individual service pages.
– Make the testimonials bigger and stand out
– Add brand logos of the brands you work with
– Make phone numbers 2 or 3x bigger than what you’ve currently got them.
– Use pictures of your truck or yourself in official branded work wear or something.

I could go on – here’s a plumbing site that’s doing really in your area superiorplumbing.net.au that you can use an example.

Hope this helps.