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Byron Trzeciak
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Search terms for plumbers are typically very expensive from what I’ve seen. Most plumber related keywords could fetch anywhere from $15 up to $60 bucks per click for keywords like “plumber claremont”.

Your website needs to convert hard if you’re going to make it profitable in this space.

I would bring it back to your highest revenue items – if it’s bathroom renovations then focus on what’s going to bring in the dollars for you rather than fighting over small jobs.

Bathroom renovations are still within the $20 – $40 dollar click range however so you really want to ensure your website sells what you do so that it converts.

You should definitely focus on your SEO and building a strong structure to your site. Suburb pages like the following are a good way to build out highly relevant pages to target suburbs with lower competition.


They should be long form content, 1000 words plus, with unique content and optimised images etc and please don’t spam keywords – write for humans. The second example is a much better example.