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Hi Kim

The site seems not quite finished… here’s what I’ve noticed and hope it helps :)

When I check the link to ‘About Us’ in the footer, I see text “Here is where you delete this and put in what you have written”

Sales and Arriving Soon pages are blank.

From a consumer perspective:

  • In the refund policy there is a link to ‘money smart’ – link is not working.
  • The sizing guide, IMO, should be a little more informative. The model is wearing size 10 and is 172cms tall doesn’t tell us how other sizes fit etc (I understand it’s a guide).. perhaps some measurements for other sizing? I would normally wear a size 10 but am much shorter than your model, so it’s hard to judge if that size would still be appropriate etc.
  • Contact Us page… I’ve just had a bit of a rant on another thread about this so I won’t go over it in full and will simply say – please add some further contact information than simply the web-form.. if something goes wrong, how do I contact the business other than ‘hope’ my web-form gets to them.. I saw an email address in the refund policy etc so maybe pop that on the contact page too? A phone number would be good to see and even general location. I understand you might work from home and not want to publish a full address but perhaps suburb/state
  • Images took a little while to load – not hugely slow but not super fast. Not sure if there’s a way to speed them up a little? On the ‘new to Xanthies…” page I actually thought for a moment it was just written descriptions because the images didn’t show up for a bit.

Good luck :)