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Hi Jacqui & Bert,

Long time no see. You might remember me i used to do the Fabric Wall Art, kimtdesigns. Thanks so much for your feedback, it is truly appreciated.
Ooops yes the about us page is not finished, i did forget about it, great find.
Your information on the sizing guide is a big help cause i have been having a hard time with it but will have to rethink it big time and i totally understand about the contact us page.
The page is actually my sisters as i mentioned and i am the “helper” builder of the website but most of the info is what she wants but i will be telling her to reconsider with your great info.

With the button options i can see your frustration, good point, will be looking at changing that too until we have stock to list in there. I did not know how to put in the part about PO Boxes as that is what Fastway’s Policy is and that is who we use but i do see you point also about that as well.

Looks like i have a bit of work to do in consultation with my Sister. Thanks so much to both of you for taking the time to have a look at the website and i will get on with the changes ASAP.

Kind Regards