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Paul – FS Concierge
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picman2, post: 247488, member: 97658 wrote:
Hi Guys,
We’re a new factory clearance warehouse in Geelong and we’re always on the look out for varied stock we can buy and sell in bulk like: Clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery etc And perhaps other fashion related items. We sell at “very low clearance prices” so we’re more interested in buying stock lines that some companies just want to clear out like old season, discontinued stock, overstocks or whatever your may want to dispose of.

Let us know what quantities and type of stock you’d like to clear out with your best prices please and provide some photos and descriptions as well thanks.

Geelong Warehouse Traders
Contact: [email protected]
Hi And Welcome to the Forums. It is great to have you!

Thank you for joining Flying Solo and posting today.

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