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Again with respect that is a very general statement. The challenge is having been a coach for 15 years I have seen to many sme’s and solopreneurs close down within 12 months of opening because they do not make enough money. Why is that? They try the website, social media, subscriptions, advertising etc. But they don’t make enough money and they don’t make it quick enough. Most businesses are not unique in other words they are no different to their competitors so why would I buy from you or the commercial cleaner or anyone else for that matter if your product or service is the same as the next guy? Hence the massive failure rate. Interestingly enough you’re on this business platform and guess what…its FREE!! But it also has a strategy to upsell you in the future? And are they successful? Looks like it? So again be aware of throwing out general statements when I know for a fact that offering a ‘first free clean’ for this commercial cleaner could double and even triple his business very quickly. While other cleaners may have a ‘poor money mindset’ and not want to give anything away so they will sit and wait…and hope that the phone may ring one day! Goodluck.