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Hi Damien The challenge is you can’t be all things to all people and this is where the ‘detailed people’ or task orientated people get stuck. I use a behavioural profile program called the M.E.A.L and when coaching clients one of the first things I do is a profile on their work behaviour. This tells me where they should be working in their business and where they should outsource. The MEAL stands for Money, Elephant, Ant and Lion. The Elephants and Ants are reserved and task orientated and the Monkeys and Lions are Outgoing and People Orientated. You are an ANT which is a task orientated person. So my advice would be to stick with what you know and do best (The tech stuff) and hire a monkey or Lion to do the selling for you because they will do it better, faster and on a daily basis (you wont). You will find a reason to have to go back and do the task because that is your natural behaviour. So even though you may be able to sell and market your business there are other people out there that will do it 10 times better. This is why many solo businesses fail because they try to be all things in a business and it is an impossibility (you can’t) you can try for a while but inevitably it will fail. The other challenge you have (being the ANT) is that you are a perfectionist and being a perfectionist you have a controlling personality and don’t like letting go of your ‘little baby’ so getting a partner in your business would be like pulling teeth for you. SO I would suggest hiring some sales reps on commission only to start with and see what happens.
PS: Im only guessing but reading into your email and what you do and 15 years as a business coach tells me i am on the money!