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Lucy Kippist
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Jasmine2017, post: 249428, member: 96736 wrote:
Hi [USER=2969]@John Debrincat[/USER] thank you for the reply and the link to your AMAZING blog post. Seriously, it’s one of the single best articles I’ve read since I started exploring the world that is online business. Some of the content reminded me of a process I went through using a template from Small Business Victoria – it really does help to sit down and properly flesh out the idea before investing too much time or effort. For context, the business is career coaching, with a view to developing something that’s practical and affordable for customers, and which is scaleable for me. I hope to share a link to a rough prototype with this community soon for a reality check.

HI Jasmine,
I really agree with your point about the importance of sitting down and really fleshing out an idea before jumping in. This takes practise I think and certainly doesn’t come naturally to me. Best of luck!