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Now I get why your so opposed to us Johny… you’re a China sourcing agent… so I guess you consider us your competitor.

Anyway I was under the impression this was a friendly forum so I’m not going to get into a debate with you on your attempts to undermine our company as you may have an ulterior motive to do so.

Actually this is the very first time I have ever responded to a question on a forum and I kind of regret doing that now. It was an offhand decision and I was thinking I was speaking to someone who needed advice or wanted to know something about our organisation but unfortunately that was not the case

Just to clarify to anyone who is interested we don’t charge $25k for a “course”… as a matter of fact our Importing from China seminar is the “course” and that’s free. Secondly there is a lot to know about Importing and International Trade and going into it with the idea that it’s easy and that there are no risks involved is a recipe for disaster