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Hi Ben
My biggest difficulty is if I advertise with Facebook, I think it will cost more to advertise than I would get back on any of my books. (Books being a low royalty). I tried a test but thought the clicks were too dear for the return. So now I am doing a free strategy – offering marketing tips from the book once a week. I have 10 likes! Any help with this idea would be appreciated.

I am trying to write on certain other blogs but it’s a hard slog to pitch a good blog to write on. (Got on Brainleaf recently, took 2 months). I have had a good experience with SEO because as a consistent blogger, it helps to write optimised posts, but once I got to a certain point the traffic stopped growing more. Now I want to change focus to marketing and freelance business.

My tip for Mischelle (if LI is your target strategy) is to write with a client-focus and put industry keywords on your LinkedIn Profile; add contacts from your email service that you know, and every week add one from a meeting; take an interest in these connections activities; write the odd article there, and if a budget, make yourself highly contactable with a premium account.