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Have to agree with ^^^^ posts.. It will just be a matter of timing.. what isnt mentioned, it sounds like you are completely restricted/prevented from visiting the PO during business hours?

Your OP makes it a little difficult to reply in detail, meaning that your method in selling will also determine how speedy you need to be.. eg: if selling on ebay you will want to send within a very short handling time (or whatever you have created as handling time) as people want items shipped relatively quickly.. If selling on own website, you can drag out postage although it can have a negative impact on your customer experience though.

Further investigation, and this will tend to depend on the profit in your final product of choice, could be to outsource the shipping etc etc…

What is hard to establish is how eager you are, if you are keen you will find a way.. be it a friend or relative drops off the parcels you prepare and prepay the night before, etc etc.

Also, the postage site bert is referring to is: https://auspost.com.au/mypost-business

All the best in your research


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