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Hi Courellio,

So in essences you are the reseller of these products in Australia.

You say the customers buy from you and you pay the manufacturer, and then the products come in and you send to the client. This is no different to most retailers.

Regarding your legal entity and BAS etc, you need to speak to a professional to get the advice, and as you haven’t mentioned the amount of money it’s hard to say if it’s better to go Sole Trader or a Pty Ltd Company.

I always go down the Pty Ltd Company route for my businesses as it controls my personal tax better, BUT if you are only earning a smaller amount then a Sole Trader setup may work for you. Once again find an accountant and have a small chat with them.

Try the link below to give you a start point.


As the re-seller/retailer of these you will also need to consider product insurance (it doesn’t cost a lot but it gives you peace of mind)

I hope this helps as a start for you.

Mischelle :)