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Mansour4, post: 249101, member: 77443 wrote:
Hi ,
i am little bit confused , if anyone can help me ,
we have simple landline /broadband connection from Optus at business .

if we want to have extra option (more professional business) like holding message while customer calling ,
of operating hours message while customer calling after hours ,
and list of incoming call eveyday ,

should i contact optus to get those future or contact PBAX company and buy the system or anything else.

My understanding is that you won’t be able to get those features with a simple landline, unless you have a phone system sitting behind it (which it sounds like you don’t).

I’d recommend a Hosted PBX system; you won’t have the expense of a phone system – all you need on site are VoIP phones and you’ll get access to all of the features you’ve listed above, often for no extra cost.