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Hi Jason
Thanks for the feedback but I think you’re missing the point of what Dima’s challenge is and based on what you are suggesting you sound like you re a ‘marketing consultant’ of some sort. Dima’s threads are suggesting he is not having issues with leads (although he maybe) but more so converting his leads that he does get into sales. His challenge is turning quotes that he sends out into sales or money in the bank. So it doesn’t matter what marketing he does if his quotes are not converting to sales. So before he does any marketing at all he needs to make sure he has a step by step sales, customer service and delivery and distribution service happening. As business coaches we focus on all seven areas of a business not one area. Dima needs to get some focus in 4 key areas of his business and find his purpose and uniqueness. When he does this his business will blossom. Unfortunately Marketing doesn’t solve anything!
Kind Regards