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zayd687, post: 249639, member: 72406 wrote:
Well theres a big difference in the advice. its the difference between good and invaluable advice. Thats the difference of a licensed broker answering the question. it was fairly easy to spot with the chinese the price how it was concluded + volume of paper made goods. its not me making our services known. If you ask an accountant who has been in the industry 14+ years your MINIMUM expectation of an answer would need to be very informative, accurate and specific.

Excuse my ignorance and lack of understanding freight, as assumed, although i am not sure i understand this reply? Are you inferring that none of the other repliers have noticed that the $900 quoted (in a later reply not the OP) was potentially being crafted to absorb other fees or other implications?

Each and every assumption you have made is that each replier has little merit and are advocating your advice is premium over others – mmm, i for one know 2 of the repliers deal with freight day in day out and have handle considerable shipments both within industry and out of industry – does this make there advice any less valuable than a ‘licensed broker’? And if i seek taxation advice, is the piece of paper that certifies said practitioner make him the best person to speak to about all things tax? IMO, i think not.. each and every person has differing experiences, and to dismiss others due to a piece of paper, is a little dismissive and could hurt said person seeking advice in the long run – especially if they opt to use those that use their piece of paper as advocation that they are better than others without proving their worth in the first instance.

There are good brokers, and poor ones. There are those that offer a valuable service with a team behind them, and then there are those that are there to feather their own nest so to speak.. Its like this in every industry – what drives you, describes you.

Furthermore, even the OP smelt something fishy about the $900 charge and i dont think they are licensed brokers….

Just saying

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