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mikeoda, post: 249733, member: 98391 wrote:
We usually do best what we enjoy doing.
Does your experience with aerial photography include pics & videos from drones?
Remember in the old days when photographers would attend events and take snaps of everyone & anyone, then offer prints to the subjects for a fee?
I’m thinking that drone-based images & vids of events, properties, attractions, etc in your area might be something you could build into a library & sell to owners – eg video tours of b&b’s for proprietors to put up on their websites & facebook pages.
Dive in & see where you can take it.
At the moment i live in the country, in 2 months ill be living in the city opportunity central, I’m prepared to work my ass off and you are right if you enjoy what you do then thats half the battle won, and yes i mainly do still shots id post some up but thats seeming a little difficult