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Hi Carolyn,

Had a quick look at your website to provide ‘feedback’ as you requested – just a few ‘start up things’ I noticed:

first thing I did notice is that in some parts of content you use ‘we’ or ‘us’, and other parts “I” and “me”. I’d suggest consistency here – just to help with the flow :)

Maybe a little more ‘About Us’ right on the home page… when I first look at the home page with the current collection I assumed it’s your product, but I think (and could be wrong) you’re bringing together a variety of ethical/sustainable products and retailing them (rather than producing)? Make that clear – that you’ve done the hard work on sourcing all these items for the convenience of the customer so they don’t have to.

On the About Us page you mention to look at the collections to learn more about the companies… I can’t really see much about the companies when I click on to one of the items.

And… this is a personal thing of mind as others around here might know… on your contact page – please give me more than a web form.

What is your phone number?
Are you are registered business with an ABN? Include it somewhere.
Other than a web form, how do I contact you? What are your delivery terms/costs? What is your refund policy?

I think with online business you need to ensure the consumer feels trusting to place an order, for me this means being able to understand your shipping and refund policy before I add something to a cart, and, also knowledge that I can contact you in some way other than a web form if I have questions or need to discuss an order. I like to see an ABN and location (not necessarily full address, but at least suburb and state) so I know that I am dealing with a ‘real’ business before entering payment details.

These are all easy fixes and part of the start up phase :) The more you can convey that trust then as people start visiting your new website – in my opinion anyway – the more likely they are to purchase because they know who you are, what you’re doing and that you’re ‘real’ on the other end of a website.

That all said, I like the brand/look. I found the site easy to navigate and quick to load and the products you’ve aligned with look great.

Wishing you all the best with it :)