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ABN and GST registration are two separate things.

You need to register a business name if trading by something other than your own name. IF you simply operate under your own personal name then no need to register the business name.

You’ll most likely need to get an ABN if operating any sort of business (under your own name, with a business name or other) – this is free and in itself doesn’t mean GST being applicable.

If you earn a certain amount of money against that ABN (or predict doing so) you’ll need to register for GST (which is a separate registration to your ABN) and if you hit that threshold you’ll need to collect, pay and report GST accordingly.

In short, yes, it sounds like you’ll still need an ABN to do some projects as you’ve suggested, but if you are way below the GST threshold then you are not likely needing to register for GST purposes.

Again, as others have mentioned, it may be worth seeking advice from an accountant, both for your role with your Dad’s business but also the ‘right’ structure for your ‘micro business’ in terms of structure/set up.