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HI Westy

ASIC will accept a letter from the AEC that you are a ‘silent elector’ as reason to suppress your address. If you hold that status already it shouldn’t (I imagine) be too difficult to suppress that address.

The Service Address must be available – which could be a PO Box or accountant’s address (or any other address really), mostly because other people must be able to get in contact with a business operator. So, you’ll need to weigh up costs of a PO Box rental vs fees an accountant firm might charge for this purpose.

It is correct that ASIC will refrain from publishing your full address on the register for Principal Place of Business if you nominate this is your residential address. However, note that if your ‘service address’ is the same address this will be available.

ASIC advises though that the suppression of information is about keeping those details from the public register. It may still be possible (and, hopefully another member with further knowledge in this area will come along and confirm) for someone to request (and pay for) a full extract of your business name and then obtain access to the full address information.