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Rowan @ GardenLarder, post: 249578, member: 28171 wrote:
Look up ‘bullet journalling’. At first I thought it was just another fad but it really does make lists and note taking so much easier. Give it a go. My bullet journal goes with me everywhere now.
There are some good tips on how to start on Youtube.
I do the “bujo” thang, too.
I’ve combined it with a visual diary and a separate ‘brain-dump’ notebook as I take notes throughout the day on a range of topics. The bullet journal process allows me to index them fairly easily. Also, I’m trying to track my health habits, so it’s easy to get in the habit of marking them down in the journal, as i refer to it at least once a day.
I have to work around kids’ activities and my husband’s study schedule, so I use the journal to plan out the week, and I use google calendar for appointment & meeting reminders.