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Lucy Kippist
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Burgo, post: 250619, member: 58 wrote:
I use either a diary or some scrap paper and list what I need to do or get done.
Then again I lucky I don’t have that much to do anymore, as its all been done.
I also like to procrastinate and put off those things that are not interesting anymore, like work
Them I get into trouble by “shewhomust” because I haven’t done it.
I really do think Ive developed an attitude over the last eighteen months.
Full retirement just dose not suite some people.

Had a giggle at your comment Burgo! Sounds like you are reaping the benefits of good work already done :) And yes, the list written on the fly, with just a humble scrap of paper is often my go-to as well. Thanks for taking the time to comment :)