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Dennielle Lee
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Peter – FS Administrator, post: 249712, member: 1 wrote:
Great discussion. I use a lot of Google tools (Drive, Docs, Mail) but wasn’t even aware of Google tasks! It looks pretty handy at first glance.

Despite trying all sorts of electronic calendar and to-do apps, I have to admit that I keep coming back to a small notepad that I update each day. I have a rolling list for the next three days.

It’s in roughly 4 quadrants – the main one is for the main work projects/tasks, then there’s one for meetings/calls, one for personal stuff and one for tasks that will take less than 5 minutes (almost like reminders) that I do in between.

I also have a ‘later’ post it note for things I’ll get to at some point but not this week.

Hm… looks quite a procedure when written down :) But works for me.

I suspect I mainly like paper because I get to cross things off.


I have to agree Peter, I’m still old school with a paper and pen! Not much order to my to-do lists, I just get it all down and work through it as I can. The main thing is to get it written (or typed) down somewhere so you don’t forget it and can prioritise what needs to be done.