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Hi Neon Electrical :)

I’ve had a super quick look at your site and think there’s a few things you could fix up yourself that could help a little and before you invest in professional web or SEO services.

I’ve recently engaged an SEO business for one of my sites.. one of the guys Paul’s linked to above and already have learned a lot about ‘how’ it works. I’ve also read enough of their comments around here to have picked up a few things that have stuck in my mind about SEO.

Whilst you want to be found for Electrician Clarkson, it’s still important to ensure the content is clear and makes sense. Consider some people will also search Electrician in Clarkson, and if my understanding is right (and happy to be corrected here) over time, using Electrician in Clarkson (instead of always Electrician CLarkson) will filter into those searches too.

On your home page, the first thing I read is:

“The go to Electrician Clarkson” – I am not quite sure, from a consumer, what this means? There are a lot of uses of ‘Electrician Clarkson’ and I wonder if some could read better as Electrician in Clarkson?

SEO is a part of the battle but you want to know that once a prospective lands at your site they’re going to stay, and hopefully get in touch with you for a quote or services, so run an eye over content to make sure it’s not too heavy on using the plain key term “Electrician Clarkson” and that it makes sense to read.

In terms of where to spend the marketing budget.. if you feel your business will primarily come from online searches, it makes sense to invest in a site and perhaps SEO ‘campaign’ that you’re happy with, but, as Paul noted SEO can take time to see results. I’ve had some success with Google PPC in the past at a small budget but wouldn’t spend the money until you’ve got a site you know is 100% as you want it to be, otherwise you do end up spending money for little result if you can’t keep customers at the website and engaged.

Perhaps do some investigation into copywriters that specialise in SEO… this could help at a lower price point to begin with, as they can help get the content ‘right’ whilst factoring in SEO strategies and perhaps this would be a good start before the higher investment into SEO professionals on an ongoing basis if the budget’s not quite ready for this. You mentioned $500 a month for SEO, which I would suggest is lower end for professional services in this field, so, perhaps invest in a few other things first that could help at lower cost and work up to this?

All the best :)