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John Romaine
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Thanks for the mention [USER=78928]@Paul – FS Concierge[/USER]

Brodie, I’d be happy to help but I’m afraid my rates might be above what your budget can accommodate.

$500 a month for SEO is at the very low end.

I wouldn’t recommend you take anyone on at those rates, as you’ll only end up doing things twice, maybe three times over.

Cheap SEO is not only dangerous, but it’s always more expensive.

My rates start at $1,500 per month ($125 an hour) which is pretty common for quality service providers.

My recommendation – get serious about your online marketing efforts, rebuild the site on WordPress using someone that understands the importance of conversion rate optimisation, tracking and measuring, as well as investing at least 12 months towards SEO.

Alternatively, if you can’t afford to do that – get out there and start banging on doors and partner up with related businesses who can continually throw work your way (real estate agencies, builders, tilers, plumbers etc)