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Lucy Kippist, post: 249794, member: 98720 wrote:
Morning all,
I was reading @neonelectrical’s thread yesterday about where to spend money to boost his business that’s largely ‘word of mouth’. What a great term! And what a great concept – that clearly benefits Brodie’s trade-based electrical business. It made me wonder how many of you out there in solo land are relying on this method of marketing to fuel your business?
And if like [USER=93283]@neonelectrical[/USER], you use it quite a bit, it’d be great to hear your best advice for cultivating business this way. And of course, any traps to avoid.

I’d also be really interested to hear from soloists who have decided to avoid it altogether, or just don’t find they need it…

Currently word of mouth is bringing in about 90% of my business. the cheapest advertising you can get (free last time I checked), and I find by far it brings in a far higher quality client.

At the end of the day free advertising and quality clients is what most business’s would want I thought.