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Paul – FS Concierge
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Hi [USER=98720]@Lucy Kippist[/USER] , Marketers and Copywriters talk about engaging website visitors and turning them into paying customers.

A lot of websites I see do not do that with the main problem being that they talk about themselves too much but not about the customer, or prospect.

As a result, the content of the website does not meet the prospect’s requirements eg, can I trust what this business states?, will they do a good job? are the prices in my range etc, etc

If those core questions in the customers head are not met, they will go back to search results and keep looking until they find what they are looking for.

Here is a simple method of talking about the customer.

1. Gather intel around what people do not like – go online and search for complaints and make a list.

2. Use the words “so that you” or “because you”

3. Flip the script and turn the complaint into a positive.

Eg, complaint: tradie did not show up to quote.

“We take our quoting process seriously so that you don’t have to worry if we will turn up on time”. Because you are busy and need a reliable tradesperson and don’t have the time to wait around for us, we even have a guarantee – we keep our appointment or we will give you $10 for your time.

The guarantee further strengthens the claim and can be used especially by new businesses without a track record.

The key is to think about what is important to the customer, not what is important to the business.