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Wicked Paul
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Be upfront and ask now. If your agent is charging you a lease fee for drawing up the contract, you don’t want to have to pay further fees for having it amended later.

Also, Just remember, they will always talk you down, so ask for an extra month for rent free than you actually want, but also, be realistic. Also ask what they yearly rent increase will be. Our current lease is up for renegotiation and they have always applied a flat 5% increase, which is crazy high. We asked them to review this, as well as our monthly rent (rent prices here in Perth have take a dive over the past 3 years) but the best they would offer is a 5% reduction on the new term, then still have 5% increases each year.

needless to say, we are moving and currently in the negotiation phase with our new agent. Getting a place 1/3 bigger, 20Kms closer to the city and $500 a month cheaper!!!