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First to answer your main question, no you shouldn’t just invoice the higher amount because you now think it’s to low, they contracted you based on a $ amount, that would be deceptive to just invoice higher. If you just invoiced me the higher amount without discussion we would be in dispute very quickly, not a good way to start a relationship.

If you want to increase your rate you should go back to them and negotiate a new rate and give them the opportunity to agree or disagree. Personally if you came back to me 2 days after we had agreed a rate it would be a case of take what you quoted or move on to the next person, sorry I am very much stick to an agreement.

the next question I would ask is $25.00 enough anyhow, the Fairwork rates for cleaning employee’s is between $22 and $30 plus, depending on level, employment status, etc, etc. So effectively you are going in at the bottom level, but you have all of your business expenses to consider on top of actually drawing an effective wage for yourself. The ATO benchmark for cleaning business is 36% plus of overheads, so assume the lower level (it wont be), that will leave you around $15.00 an hour.

My suggestion is before you offer another quote go back and do your sums, on what you need to charge.