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Jimster, post: 250082, member: 40004 wrote:
I love what you said and that is exactly what we are going after. We are planning on not more than 9 people tour and our package will be more to people oriented instead of itinerary oriented. We both have an idea of what type of tour we are going to be. Just a headache bout what should we do to start up the company and the limitation that we are going to have if we were to do it maybe once or twice week. And it is worth it to go ahead with concept? or should we quit our job and focus on the business?

Now that I see what tours you are offering all the more power to you, the area you are focusing on needs far more development on that side of the ledger, having many years ago looked at a venture in that area, which would have included winery tours, but not having the support required (got rid of that road block, but the opportunity had flown as well). At that time the local wineries were very open to any suggestions.

I can see you even teaming up with a local specialised accommodation provider (that was my focus) and offer weekend packages. I have seen it done really well in the hunter Valley.

Sure [USER=979]@PowerofWords[/USER] comments re Branding, Shirts, Website bookings system, Email messaging, customer phone calls are all relevant, but not things that cant be overcome, the main one I can see from the list is the handling of customer phone calls during the day while you work, but possibly you have someone who can handle this aspect. Branding and shirts unless you plan n spending Mega dollars on a logo, this can be a small aspect, remember some of the biggest brands spent a pittance on these and look at how successful they are.

The bigger question will be transport, this is one item that you will need access to and could potentially be sitting around for the other 5 days a week not being used. But even there are solutions to this, I know a fair few mini buses in our area (so I am guessing the yarra valley will be the same), that are only used Mon to Fri, so can you come to an arrangement with one of those providers to hire the vehicle on the weekends, bonus for them, and you have wheels. Longer term once you know the business is on a roll, you can look at a longer term arrangement.