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Milly.S, post: 250268, member: 94822 wrote:
1. What is the biggest problem you have with your online store at the moment
I believe the biggest problem most of us would come across is Traffic. So far, I haven’t got much traffic to my store, here it is: https://www.adoriclife.com.
2. What would be the consequences of not solving that problem?
If the problem couldn’t be solved, of course, I won’t get any income and would probably seeking for another business to make a living.
3. What does the solution look like to you?
Now our plan is to find more influencers to help us to boost our site. And there is another problem, that is, the rate from these influencers varies a lot and we don’t have much experience to screen the right one with a high ROI. We’ve spent a little amount of money on YouTube and Facebook. As for the effect, actually, is not so good. I don’t know what it would be if we could spend more money on it to work with some more powerful influencers. But the traffic would be high especially when the post is published, there is no doubt about that. I have to confess that our site has big problems, from the design to the purchase process, so we are doing a improve version right now.

Thanks Milly.S for your reply, can I contact your either via this forum or Facebook messenger should I wish to speak to you further